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account in the Point

Work with foreign contractors as easily as with domestic ones.
We will take care of all the details of working with the currency.

Current and
currency accounts

We will open a current account online, and immediately after it - a currency account. We work with all popular currencies, and if you have several counterparties, open an account to work with each of them. Opening and maintaining a currency account in the Point is always free of charge.


The currency exchange rate is always available in the Internet Bank and is updated every 15 seconds. During the conversion, you can immediately see the current exchange rate along with the spread, so you can accurately calculate all the expenses for working with money.


The Point has a fixed spread, it does not depend on the volume of the currency being converted or the frequency of transactions.

on imports

If your business is based on importing goods from abroad, save up to 1,120,000 rubles by working with the Point.
See for yourself

  Other banks  
Currency control 0,12% 0,15%  
Currency transfer 25$ 0,3%  
Spread when buying dollars 20 kopeckkop. 1,15 rublesrub.  

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